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It’s only 7:30, and I’m already exhausted. I’d go to bed right now if I could. Alas, my dad and his girlfriend don’t arrive for another three hours. I’ve got a pork shoulder in the oven that I’m hoping will become Italian pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow. I’ve put two dozen cupcakes in the freezer in the hopes that my guests will delight in decorating them at our wedding reception. Geoff was a hero today and got our battery replaced by Walmart. That little devil is now sitting in our too narrow driveway where it belongs. My shoulders and neck are so tight I can barely turn my head. But hey, everything will be fine.

Our last guest departs March 20th, so today begins a long, stressful and absolutely wonderful month. It gets pretty lonely out here in the middle of the ocean sometimes. We’re not exactly what you’d call popular. It will be wonderful to be surrounded by people who love us for a month. And though it will be exhausting looking after them, I am thrilled to do it. What’s better than feeding people?

Now that the car is fixed, it’s back to the normal amount of chaos around here, which means a constant mild nausea. I can’t wait to hug everyone. I hope they don’t notice the dark circles under my eyes. And I hope our photographer knows how to photoshop that kind of junk. I can’t have my grandchildren thinking I looked like I was dying of consumption on my wedding day. If I keep asking for a house elf, I’ll get one eventually, right?


Oh, and both of our chickens are laying now! We may never have to buy eggs again. Aren’t they sweet!


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