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Getting Out of Hand

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It’s really quite ridiculous around here. The bad luck just never ever ever stops. There are not enough exclamation marks to express my mind-boggling dismay.

It was raining this morning, so I decided to take the car to work. I stopped in to Safeway to grab some food. I was in there for about ten minutes. When I came back out, my car wouldn’t start. I turned the key, it made that evil clicky noise, and then nothing. I really really hate this car. A super lot. No, more than that.

We tried jumping it this evening to no avail. My first out of town guests arrive tomorrow night, and I have no car. Insert a lot of creative cussing right here. One of the main functions of this car is to drive out of town guests. It is not fulfilling its destiny. All I can do is laugh.

LV has decided that someone should make a movie about the ridiculous capers leading up to our wedding day. I’m not sure what else could go wrong, but I’m sure something will. If it was a film, there’d be plenty of tension and conflict, that’s for sure.

jennifer-lawrence-gma-05 images martin-freeman



I would like to be played by Uma Thurman. Geoff shall be played by Martin Freeman, and Lindsey will be… Jennifer Lawrence? Feel free to cast yourself in my movie.

At least I know my hair will look good.


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