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I nearly checked off everything on my list. I would have made it to the end if it hadn’t been for the fact that you can’t stack up 48 burgers at a time in my freezer. We’ll finish the other half of the burger prep action in the morning. My hands need to recover from being immersed in cold meat anyway. It’s like brain freeze of the arm.


I feel like we accomplished quite a bit today. In addition to cleaning the house and the car, making a trip to Costco, and putting 24 burger patties in the freezer, we also bought some bamboo poles that we’ll use to add a touch of focus to the beach ceremony. They’ll be getting some flower/ribbon action. That reminds me. Does anyone have a hot glue gun I can borrow?

I still haven’t written vows yet. I really need to get on that. I have some lines floating around in my head. It’s not easy to distill 3 years of emotions into one minute. How can I choose precisely the right words for such an immense occasion? I’m glad I have the rest of my life to show this man how truly devoted to him I really am.

I worked hard today, but it was lovely. I didn’t feel stressed, just tired. And I had my favorite person with me. How could anyone be unhappy with that?


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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  1. Love you Renee! Lolo and I are with you. 🙂


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