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3 Weeks and Counting

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812683_10152533747110293_1257757397_oThree weeks from today, we will know whether we succeeded or failed at this whole throwing a wedding nonsense. Three weeks, and it doesn’t matter anymore. I should probably be busier than I am.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll write my vows. I could easily go on for hours about how much I love my husband. I shall try to keep it under 200 words.

On the good news front, I can now start my car again. Hooray! No more excuses for not going out and buying wedding stuff.

Only ten days until reinforcements arrive. Perhaps I will be slightly less scattered. Perhaps I will stop being so overwhelmed that I basically accomplish nothing.

Clearly this blog post is evidence of the fact that I do not have my act together. Pure stream of consciousness, kids. This is what it’s like in my brain all the time. No, like ALL the time. It’s not pretty.

I also chickened out and bought a tiered cake stand so that I don’t have to worry about cake architecture. I have to say, I’m immensely relieved. The anxiety of building a tiered cake was freakin’ me out. I wish I could go to cake college.

Time is ticking, and I’m not sure I’m accomplishing anything. I just don’t know which way to turn. Somebody please make me a schedule of events so I can have some direction in my life. Soon it will be too late.



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