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Mothers and Other Friendly Faces

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After a very lazy day and a lovely dinner at Big City Diner, we drove Lindsey’s mom to the airport and said goodbye. Though she was smiling as she walked away, I know she left with a heavy heart full of worry for her injured child. Though we will be a poor substitute, we shall do our best to try and take care of our Lindsey in her stead.

It’s been absolutely lovely to have a mother in the house for the past week. Even though she wasn’t here to look after us, her presence was calming, and I’ve barely had to touch the dishes. I feel so spoiled. No wonder the lost boys asked Wendy to be their mother. They are very necessary.


Though my relationship with my own mother was, shall we say, complicated, I miss her terribly. To have a wedding without her is just beyond imagining, yet that’s exactly what we will be doing in three weeks. The joy and relief I felt when I found out my aunt will be joining us for the wedding was overwhelming. I cannot express what it means to me to have her here to lean on.

I try my best to take care of people, but it’s probably not my best talent. I wish I was more adept, but most of the time I can barely handle myself. We all need someone to look after us. Going through the world without someone to love you is nearly impossible. And we can never know how long those people who look after us will be able to do it. Perhaps this is why I tell my husband I love him about every ten minutes. It can’t hurt.


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