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I complain too much. Really, I should stop. Who cares about a stupid sore throat compared to a broken leg? Things could be so much worse. And yet, it’s my life, and I wish things were going better.


I woke up this morning and walked out to my car which was parked on the street for the night so we could get a charming crippled girl in the house. I had locked the car the night before since it’s not the most secure area in the world. That was my first mistake. When I unlocked the car this morning, the alarm failed to disarm, so when I tried to start the car, I was met with the repeated blaring of the horn for about thirty seconds. I tried to relock and unlock the car, but it wouldn’t lock again, which is what it usually does when I try to lock it, hence the reason it is always unlocked. So instead, I just couldn’t drive my car. The plan is to disconnect the battery for a minute and hope that when we reconnect it, the alarm will be off.

I’ve got to find the time to go to the flower shop and the party store and scope them out for supplies. I have to clean out my freezer so I can make space for 40 burger patties. The list is long and overwhelming. Where’s my house elf?

There is really so much to be grateful for. I am healthy and have a job and a place to live. I have wonderful loving family and friends. And I have a husband I am so proud of. He would do anything for me. How can anybody grumble about that?


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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