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Can we let one single Saturday pass us by without walking a half a bazillion miles? Somehow, I think not. Here’s the thing about travelling on foot, though. You notice so much more when you walk places. You get a chance to take it all in. You can look in the windows of all the shops, smell all the restaurants, notice the people passing by. You also get a lot more talking done. There’s no radio to turn on. All you can do is talk to each other. As tired as my feet may be, I never tire of conversations with my favorite person.

I feel like my blog has been one big soap opera this past week. I almost miss the days when I was boring and had nothing to share. There’s not much progress to report on, however. We finally found Geoff a white shirt so he’ll have something to wear to work next week. We looked at six different places and finally ended up getting one at the first shop we went into.


We also shared an appetizer at the Yard House, and Geoff treated himself to a giant cider. It’s a bit comical really. I can’t wait to take our parents here. I fear there’s not much that our fathers will have in common, but beer seems to be something everyone can agree on. I hate the stuff, personally, but they have several ciders on tap, as well as framboise, so I’m satisfied. I expect we can do a bit of damage here when everyone finally arrives.


My favorite part of the day had to be watching the sunset at Kuhio Beach. I never tire of the beauty of this island. We happened to be passing by as the sun was setting and decided to stop and watch our side of the world turn away from the sun. “Do You Realize,” by the Flaming Lips was playing in my head as I sat holding hands with my husband. With all the worry about arrangements for the wedding and finding a new job, I haven’t forgotten that none of this would be possible without the love of the man with whom I get to share every sunset for the rest of my life. That love is at the heart of it all. Everything else will pass away.


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  1. I agree with you fully. Walking is one of the best ways to see a place, followed by biking and longboarding and skateboarding. There is so much on this world we could see but we miss it by driving everywhere, and this is coming from an automotive enthusiest. Ahuiho brotha!


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