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Well, we finally found a place, and I don’t think we’ll go broke paying for it. Annnnd… It’s absolutely lovely, has enough chairs and tables for about twenty five, and a kitchen. The new home for our reception is the Hawaii Nature Center.

Not a bad view

Not a bad view

It’s going to mean a lot of extra work, and I will probably need help from a lot of people. I’m just going to put my wishes out into the universe and see what comes back to me.

We go to look at the place early next week, so I’ll know more specifics on what we will need for decorating then. I’m not sure if they have a grill, so we might need to borrow one of those. We’ll need some extra chairs, and probably some fairy lights. We’ll need white tablecloths of the long rectangular variety. We may need serving dishes and a cake stand. We may also need some sort of PA system. A home karaoke machine would probably do the trick. If you have something you can lend, I would love you for a hundred years.

There’s one slight hitch that we’ll just have to work around. There are classes at the center until 1:00 pm, so we won’t be able to start setting up until then. I am supposed to be playing the lead female role in complete costume, hair, and makeup in Waimanalo at 3:00. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get everything ready in time. It would be an absolute dream come true if some decorating fairies would come along and set up for the reception. This would most likely mean missing the actual wedding ceremony, which is something I hate to ask. On the other hand, it’s something I need.

Perhaps I’ll be able to finally get some sleep. There’s still lots to be done, but now that I have a place to put everyone, everything else will figure itself out. I’m starting to feel excited again. Fingers crossed.



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