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I’ve learned a lot of things this weekend. Most recently I learned that I start to go stir crazy very quickly without access to the internet. We were without power for about two and a half hours, and I was already antsy. I am so accustomed to modern conveniences. I definitely crave constant stimulation.


I’ve also learned that my husband is an extremely resilient man. Today we walked into Waikiki and bought him a new interview outfit. He looks pretty sharp. I would give him a job. Really, anybody with half a brain would want him working for them. He’s quite brilliant, in my opinion, and so much fun. I guess that’s why I’m married to him.

I just want to close the door on this bit of our lives. I want my husband to find a new and better job that he doesn’t dread. I want the anger to stop welling up. I want to feel relaxed and excited about my wedding again. I hope all those feelings come soon. Serenity is so rare. I’d like to grab a little bit of it.

I’ve also learned that love can so easily drown out fear and hate if you let it. One act of fear has led to this amazing outpouring of love from so many people. It’s beautiful to know that so many people are rooting for us.

Tomorrow we go back to a bit of reality. I go back to work, Geoff is on the job hunt, and we should be able to find out something about the wedding reception. If we can’t move it to the aquarium, then things may be a bit frantic for a while. There’s a strong possibility that I might cry. I think I’ve earned it.

Mostly I just can’t wait to have my friends and family with me. I want them to celebrate this amazing man who has shown me more love than I ever thought possible. What happened to him at his job says so much more about the people that he worked for than it does about him. He is a man of honor and compassion who also has a strange sense of humor. That’s why I love him.


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