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Crashing Down

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Just when you think you have everything figured out and things are coming together, just when you think you’re secure and you can breathe again, life comes along and knocks you down.

Geoff was fired from his job today for “threatening behavior.” Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is not in any way threatening. And to make matters worse, he has also been fired from volunteering and banned from the zoo for a year. We were supposed to be having our wedding reception there in five weeks.

About a week ago, he posted a photo with a comment on Facebook which mentioned donning a trenchcoats and taking guns to work. It was a joke, which should have been obvious to anyone who knows us. Not only do we not own any guns, but we are completely opposed to guns and would never allow them in our house. My husband has never even been in a fight. We are peaceful people.

My anger and panic has subsided a bit since this morning. I’m confident he’ll get another job in no time. He says he felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Perhaps the full weight of the situation has yet to set in, but for right now, losing a job that he hated feels more like a blessing.

So here’s my big thank you to HZS for ruining my wedding. That was real swell, guys. Where the hell am I going to have a $700 reception for 50 people now?

We’ll be fine. I’m sure about that. Geoff will find a new job, and it can hardly be worse than the one he had. We’ll feed all of our guests somehow. Even if I have to do all the cooking myself in my wedding dress. I can pull it off. If you’re angry, good. I’m not sure where to tell you to direct your anger. Maybe send word of your disappointment to HZS. Maybe just send a shout to the universe and hope that people can change for the better.


Here’s hoping that people can reclaim their sense of humor and learn to be kind to each other again. My husband is a kind man who takes care of all living creatures. He has a bit of a crass sense of humor and makes inappropriate jokes. It’s one of the things I love about him. We will hold each other up, and everything will be fine. Not just fine. Better. I have no idea where our road is leading right now, but I’m pretty damn excited to find out.


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