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This was just posted to my Facebook timeline. I’m not the least bit surprised that my dad’s girlfriend thought of me when she saw it.



I don’t know if Johnny Depp actually said this, but I certainly hope he did. Wise words, no doubt. I am a big fan of individuality. It is a highly prized quality in my estimation. I’ve tried being normal once or twice and always failed. It is a state for which I am ill suited.

Of course, it’s easy for Johnny Depp to be confident. He is exceedingly talented and exquisitely beautiful. He can get away with anything. Those of us of humble quality endure much more ridicule when we make choices that don’t easily blend in. I admit to having my apprehensions about being different. Yet it’s the only thing I’ve ever been able to do.

I love that being nerdy is suddenly hip. Intelligence should always be sexy. If a person cannot carry on an intelligent conversation, what is the point of having that person in the room? I find people who do not read books incomprehensible. How do they even survive? I literally don’t understand it.

I say, never stop learning. Be proud of the things you love. Fiercely defend your passions. Other people may not understand. They may even laugh. Screw them. They’re probably not as cool as you anyway.

It’s not easy to find people like me. It seems to get harder and harder to find them with each new place we go to. But I have my books and my poetry to protect me, as the song says. And a husband who loves me just as I am, who thinks all my crazy quirks are adorable and even sometimes reads the books I ask him to. What else could a girl need?


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