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There and Back Again

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My feet are sore and blistered, and my legs are aching. We walked about three hours today. The exercise was desperately needed, but I’m so glad to be finally sitting on my couch with my feet up, glass of wine in hand.

The day started with bacon and Dutch pancakes and phone conversations with two of my grandmothers. I should really do that more often. I am absolutely horrible at keeping in touch. I loathe talking on the phone. I’ve grown so used to communicating with people online I sometimes forget that making phone calls is a thing that people actually do. I make my life so public, I forget there are people who don’t use the internet to follow my every move. Wow, somebody’s self-absorbed, aren’t we?

We took a stroll through Waikiki, stopping off at a few special places I’ll tell you about tomorrow. Our journey ended at Ward for a movie. We saw Zero Dark Thirty. It’s worth a watch, for sure.


Kathryn Bigelow is a master at creating tension. Even though you know how it ends, you can’t look away, or even breathe. She also isn’t afraid of ambiguity, which I very much appreciated. This is not a war propaganda film. It shows many sides of this story, and you are left to judge for yourself. And Jessica Chastain was a force. Give her more awards!

Now I am just where I like to be, next to my love, where I belong.


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  1. Hate phone calls as well – all communication I either do online or face-to-face


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