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We have this neighbor. He never shuts up. Sometimes he traps us. We can’t escape.

This guy lives sorta next door to us. When we see him outside, sometimes we’ll wait for him to go in before we walk out the door. If we come home from the store with our dinner, and he’s standing outside, you can bet we won’t be eating for an extra half hour. He goes on and on about nothing. He loves to tell us about what type of poke he’s been eating lately, what kind of illegal animals he’s captured and then released in our neighborhood, and how drunk he used to be in the 70’s.

He’s always around. Always. And he never stops talking.

Today he took it to a new level. He made Geoff a sandwich, and now he’s been sitting on our steps chatting for about an hour. My husband is much too polite to attempt to get rid of him. He’ll sit there smiling and nodding for as long as it takes for this guy to get bored.

He speaks in a high pitched pidgin, so I can only understand about 80% of what he says. He never stops.

Maybe he’s lonely. Maybe he just needs a friend. Maybe.

At least I’m not hungry this time.


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