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Golden Globe Predictions

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The last time I did this, I had four hours every evening to watch films and TV. These days I’m lucky to get a half an hour a day, but I’ll try my best to pick my favorites. I’ll skip categories from which I haven’t seen anything.


Best Motion Picture Drama– Easily my favorite film in this category is Django Unchained. I’ve mentioned several times how much I enjoyed it. Tarantino is fantastic. I was thoroughly entertained.


Best Actress Drama– Between Rachel Weisz in The Deep Blue Sea, and Helen Mirren in Hitchcock, I’d have to go with the incomparable Ms. Mirren. While Rachel Weisz was beautifully melancholy, Helen Mirren really made me feel something. And she appeared on screen in a swimsuit, something I wouldn’t do at half her age.


Best Actor Drama– If Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t win this award at every ceremony where it’s offered, I doubt I’m the only one that would be surprised.


Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical– My favorite here was Moonrise Kingdom. Though I’ve been hearing great things about Silver Linings Playbook, I haven’t had the chance to see it yet. I’ll be seeing Les Miserables tomorrow afternoon. I doubt I’d change my mind.


Best Actress Comedy– Judi Dench wins by default here for Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I enjoyed much more than I’d expected. Tomorrow, I’ll also be seeing Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I find Emily Blunt ever so charming. Will she steal my favor? Judi Dench was endearing, as ever.


Best Actor Comedy– Again, Jack Black wins by default for Bernie. Though his performance was so surprising and enjoyable, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took it.


Best Animated Feature– I’m not doing very good at not seeing more than one film in a category. However, I’d be surprised if Brave doesn’t actually win. It wasn’t a perfect film, but the artwork was fantastic. That hair lived up to all the hype.


Best Supporting Actress– Sally Field was powerful in Lincoln. I had forgotten about her, it’s sad to say. I was mistaken. She’s still great.

Best Supporting Actor– There’s actually a lot of competition in this category. But for me, it has to be Christoph Waltz. His delivery of Tarantino dialogue is flawless. They were made for each other.

Best Director– Again, I choose Tarantino for Django Unchained. Although I’ve enjoyed Ben Affleck’s films in the past, and I’m looking forward to seeing Argo.

Best Original Score– I can’t say I have much memory of the score from Life of Pi or Lincoln, but Dario Marianelli, who wrote the score for Anna Karenina, also wrote the score for Atonement, which is one of my all time favorites.


Best Original Song– This is my least favorite category, as it usually ends up making me watch crap movies. Act of Valor is the perfect example of the crap you get stuck with. What a piece of propaganda trash. My favorite movie from this category is The Hunger Games, but I’m most decidedly not a Taylor Swift fan. Also, I feel like Skyfall should win something. This is it’s only chance, and I think Adele should have a whole room full of awards.


Best Television Drama– Breaking Bad consistently blows my mind. I haven’t had a chance to see Homeland yet. I hear it’s fantastic. But can anything be better than Breaking Bad?


Best Actress Television Drama– I’m going with Michelle Dockery on this one. She does that Victorian repression so well. Her face is just so delicate.

Best Actor Television Drama– Bryan Cranston should get a crown, not just a Golden Globe. What an arc.


Best Television Comedy– The show that makes me laugh the most is Big Bang Theory. A traditional sitcom done right. I’m looking forward to seeing Girls.


Best Actress Television Comedy– You’re seriously going to make me choose between Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? Can it be done. I’m seriously considering plugging in my TV to watch the two of them together tomorrow. If I had to choose one, I’d give it to Amy Poehler, just because it should be her turn. Then they could set up play dates for their statues.


Best Actor Television Comedy– Dr. Sheldon Cooper, please. The end.


Best Actor Mini-Series or TV Movie– I just like saying the words Benedict Cumberbatch. I also wish there could be another hundred episodes of Sherlock.


Best Supporting Actress Television– Maggie Smith could eat all those other actresses for breakfast.

I never get tired of a good story. I can’t wait to take them all in.


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