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I’m such a failure as a blogger. Only ten days in and I’m already struggling for topics. I need to stop being so boring. I tried crowd sourcing on Facebook for ideas. It was not helpful. I cannot have a post titled “On Being Awesome.” Oh wait…


Something pretty awesome did happen today for movie nerds, however. The announcement of the Oscar nominations is like getting an invitation to a really cool party. I assume. I’m a nerd, so I’ve never been invited to a cool party. I follow the Golden Globe noms, too, so there were only a couple of additions, most notable being Beasts of the Southern Wild. And I’m definitely going to see Les Miserables on Sunday. No excuses.


I love when I get surprised by a film. Often my pointless mission leads me to watch things that end up being pretty boring, mildly entertaining, sometimes gross, and sometimes a study in cognitive dissonance. Hello, Dogtooth, I’m talking to you. But sometimes something really beautiful unfolds before my eyes. Last year’s wonderful surprise was Beginners, but I’ve fallen in love with a lot of older films as well, like The Apartment, Marty, Giant, and Room at the Top. That list ended up being longer than I had intended, and then I thought of about five more movies that I really loved.


I’ve heard of several studies that indicate that too many choices actually make us less happy. Humans seem to like a bit of freedom, but infinite possibilities only serve to stifle us. My crazy list obsession is a way for me to narrow my choices. The list is not exclusive, it’s just a guideline. It narrows the field… to a couple thousand.


The next movies I have access to at my house are Mirror Mirror and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I’m not particularly thrilled about either of them based on the trailers. Occasionally, though, taking my romance medicine works out for the best. Fingers crossed for another surprise like Easy A.

I wish I was clever enough to get paid for talking about movies. That would rock my socks off for sure.


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