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My daughter and I were thoroughly scolded this morning by my husband for not posting enough to our blogs. Here is his blog. Count for yourself how many posts he’s done this year. So I told him that I’m holding him responsible for my posting. Every time I don’t post, it’s all his fault. Blame him and only him.

We had a house guest recently. He was adorable, but extremely inconsiderate when it came to personal hygiene. As fun as it was to have this adorable little guy follow our feet around for two and a half weeks and watch him diving in his personal backyard pool, I quickly came to hate cleaning up after him. Ducks poop about every fifteen minutes. And they don’t have to courtesy to be discreet about it like cats do. They just go wherever they happen to be standing then get on with their lives. It’s thoroughly disgusting. Though the house was strangely quiet the day after he returned home, I was only too relieved when Geoff cleaned the carpet, and I could once again lay on the floor.

In other news, I’m desperately wishing I had cable for just one month this summer. I would really love to be watching So You Think You Can Dance, but even though it sucks, I can wait for that to come on Hulu. What I can’t handle is not being able to watch the Olympics again. Most of the time I don’t give a crap about sports. I’m completely oblivious. But for a few weeks every two years, I can’t get enough. I want to tivo and watch every moment of coverage. I don’t care if it’s fencing or white water rafting, I’m riveted. Of course, swimming and gymnastics are my favorite. If anybody knows how to watch the Olympics online, I’d really appreciate the info. I might cry. It’s pretty pathetic

Remember to shout at Geoff next time I forget to post.


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