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Kayak Attack!

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Yesterday, Geoff had a surprise day off, so we went with some friends to Kailua to rent kayaks. Kailua is a sweet little town on the windward side. You get both Kailua beach park and the beautiful Lanikai all in one place. There are also a couple of offshore islands which are bird sanctuaries. Make a stop here, especially on a calm day.

It was fifty dollars for a two person kayak with back rests. The weather was absolutely perfect for kayaking, which was lucky since I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and, had the sea been rough, I probably would have dumped us in the water a hundred times because I suck at sports. We set out for Mokulua North , the bird sanctuary island off of Lanikai. Being a Sunday and such nice weather, there were plenty of other people about. The beach was a little too MTV spring break for me on this particular day, but I was glad to have been there nonetheless. We were able to spot some of the nesting birds up close, though at a safe and respectful distance. I managed to bust my toe on a lava rock, no surprise, and bleed everywhere, so that was awesome, too. While at sea, we also managed to spot a sea turtle that swam within a few feet of our kayak. Can’t get enough of nature.

After two hours of paddling in the sun, we were starving, so we hit up Mexico Lindo in Kailua before heading home. The chicken tamale was delicious and the pomegranate margarita was ample. I got my money’s worth and ate more than I have ever consumed at a  Mexican restaurant before.

By the time I got home, I was sunburned, bruised, and very sore. It was a great day.


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