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Sadly, Geoff’s parents set off for home yesterday. The house seems strangely empty after having guests for three weeks. As always, time passes much too quickly. Let me tell you about a few more things we did during their visit.

We paid a visit to one of my favorite places on the island, the Byodo-In Temple. There’s an air of real tranquility around this place. I absolutely adore it. And Geoff was once again happy doing one of his favorite activities…

This time the birds were literally eating out of his hand. I joined in too, but only because I knew I had antibacterial lotion in my bag. I suppose if you’re a bird or a fish, there’s no better place to live than at a Buddhist temple. It’s one of the few places where this past time is not frowned upon.

Being early risers, we also had time to hit up the Honolulu Zoo that afternoon. I go here probably at least once a month, and I never get tired of watching the animals. The guidebooks never quite seem to give an entirely favorable review of the zoo, but I find it rather beautiful. Even for the gardens alone, it’s worth seeing. Why would you ever want to pass up a beautiful garden with tigers?

We also managed a day downtown visiting some of the historic sights, including a venture up to the top of the Aloha Tower, which I’d never done before. It’s a pretty cool view, and free,so why skip it?

The final highlight was Turtle Beach on the north shore. We were lucky to get a close up, and entirely legal look at one of these gorgeous sea turtles right on the sand. The were plenty of others others tumbling about in the waves as well. We stopped off for lunch on our cruise around the island at Ted’s Bakery. I enjoyed a pretty good cheeseburger and an eclair the size of my head. I would love to have a place like that someday. One can dream.

I love having visitors, and all the better when it’s people that make my husband so terribly happy. It was a much less bitter parting this time, since we know we will be seeing them again in March for the wedding. Provided I manage to get the silly thing planned. But that’s for tomorrow’s agenda. Want to help?


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