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In the last three weeks we’ve been everywhere, including many visits to Kapiolani park, since it’s within walking distance. But we’ve managed to have a couple of other adventures as well.

We visited the Dole plantation, where Geoff got to feed the fish with all the other little kids.  These ones were particularly greedy. We also ate pineapple ice cream and a surprisingly good lunch, as well as taking a train tour around the plantation. There was some interesting info and some nice views, but this place is definitely geared towards tourists. The gift shop is probably the biggest part of the whole attraction. Hang on to your wallets if you go here. They’re looking for any way they can to suck some money out of you. Emily wants to go to the maze for her birthday, so we’ll be seeing another part of this place soon.

Later that day, we visited Mokuleia beach and spotted some sea turtles. I can’t stop myself from giggling every time one of them pokes their head out of the water to breathe. They’re fascinating creatures to watch. I’m amazed at how they get tumbled about by the waves but never seem to lose their bearings. They’re just beautiful.

Of course, the pineapples and the sea turtles were just a pretense. Our real reason for being on this side of the island was to get Ken to Dillingham airfield for his surprise glider flight. It was a clear beautiful day, perfect for taking in expansive views of the whole island. It must have been truly astonishing, and I think Ken really enjoyed it. My husband is pretty awesome at buying gifts. Alas, my birthday is a week before Christmas, so I only get spoiled by his lavishness once a year.

We’ve had so many more adventures. That was only one day. More to come


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