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I’m pretty sure it’s been about eight million years since my last post. Wow, I suck. I got bored and hid in a hole, then I had visitors. In fact, I still have visitors. Let’s catch up.

My in-laws are visiting from England, so we’ve been tearing up the town, British-style, which mostly consists of consuming massive amounts of food and alcohol and getting sunburns.  We’re a rather pasty troupe. And getting bigger by the day. The new regime is most definitely starting on Thursday. I don’t even want to look at the scale right now.

But enough with the vanity. I know Geoff is loving having his parents here and will be sad to see them go. We’ve drug our sad little car all over this island in the past couple of weeks showing them the sights. I hope they’ve enjoyed it and managed to stay cool. Or at least not fainted from the heat. Hopefully, they’ll never have to come visit in August.

They’ve spent plenty of time in Waikiki, since that’s the nearest beach to our house. We’ve had the breakfast buffet at Duke’s more than once now. Even if the food isn’t completely fantastic, nothing beats the view. You can even see tourists getting their morning surf lessons while you enjoy your french toast.

I’ll give you a more detailed account of our adventures in the days to come. We’ve been to quite a few places I’ve never visited on the island before. We need more visitors. It gets me out of the house.  When are you coming to visit?


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  1. I rediscovered my blog after only a year! So don’t feel so bad. I forgot my password and just let life catch up with me that I neglected writing. Glad to see you’re still at it! And I’m back to visiting your blogging! 🙂


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