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Sometimes I Hate Being Right

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As I predicted, I’ve been wasting WAY too much time in the last few days playing Sims. Why is it so hopelessly addicting? I can’t seem to drag myself away even when it’s not that interesting. I suck at life.

I’ve been reading a couple of vampire books lately. First it was Dracula and now Interview with a Vampire. They’re both good. Go ahead and read them. On your nook if you’re as cool as me.

All this literature has been causing me to contemplate the pros and cons of immortality. Just think of all you could accomplish if you lived forever. You really could see every award-winning movie, read every decent book ever published, play Sims for as long as you want without feeling guilty. But would having to drink blood be a fair price for the privilege of infinite reading time?

I also wanted to know if vampires have to get haircuts. They’re not technically alive. They don’t age. Different novels have different rules about whether or not they even breathe or have heartbeats. Apparently Edward Cullen doesn’t have a beating heart, hence no blood flow, yet somehow he can still get an erection to have unfathomably amazing vampire sex. Oh, and semen to make half-vampire babies. Seems inconsistent, but whatever.

But I can’t recall any author ever addressing whether or not their hair grows. Does that mean they have to have the same hairstyle for all of eternity? That seems boring.

These are the thoughts that come out of my head. You know your thoughts are just as weird. Don’t lie.


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  1. We each have our poison. I’ve been spending more time playing SWTOR then I would like to admit. Additionally, all I’ve been reading on is Star Wars lore and research. One of these days I’ll get back to my graphic novels…if the Force will allow it 😀


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