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On Not Getting Things Done

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I had such a strange day today. I didn’t have to go to work, so that’s always nice. Geoff had asked me to make margarita cupcakes, so that was the only thing on my agenda. But mostly  all I wanted to do was play Sims. This is going to be bad. Very bad. I can feel it.

I make up stupid arbitrary rules for myself. It’s how I manage to accomplish things and resist succumbing to complete and total laziness. So today, I decided to wear whatever was at the back of my closet. For some reason, I imagine that my clothes feel neglected when they don’t get worn. I told you I was weird. So I ended up dressing up a bit today, even though the only places I went were Safeway and the craft store.

I set a timer for myself so that I would have to take frequent breaks from my new obsession to accomplish things of a more practical matter. I just get weirder and weirder.

I also felt a bit guilty for eating chicken on Monday, but I thought it wouldn’t be very respectful toward the chicken who gave its life for my dinner for it to end up in the trash. So it will be a meatless Tuesday this week. I promise.

I’m pretty sure I’ve made absolutely no sense whatsoever today. I’ll just tell myself that’s part of my charm. That’s the same as insanity, right?

I’ll be blogging the margarita cupcakes soon so you can make some of your own. Alas, I didn’t get to take any new photos because they turned out sort of ugly today. They still taste amazing, though. Do it. Trust me.


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