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I had an extra, unexpected day off today. I tried hard not to spend any money since I wasn’t making any, but what a surprise, I had to go out and buy more butter. I’ve used five sticks in two days. Three of them went into one cake.

It was gloomy and raining all day, so I decided to watch a movie whilst curled up under the covers in my bed.

Here’s the thing about Hugo. A lot of people said it wasn’t that good. I think what they really meant was that it didn’t meet their expectations, and I can see why they would be disappointed. It wasn’t exactly an exciting adventure. And if you watched it on DVD then all the time they spent on “ooh look it’s 3D!” shots was just wasted time. This film was actually an homage to film history. Much like The Artist, it was mainly about how great movies are. Luckily, I think movies are pretty great, too. I enjoyed Hugo, but it definitely wasn’t what I expected. I think the flaw was that they tried to make a “kids” movie that wasn’t really about kids stuff. The main character was just as much George Milies as it was Hugo Cabret.

Interstingly, I felt similarly about Rango. Did people actually take their kids to see that movie? Even I sorta needed a dictionary for moments in that film. How many eight-year-olds got the Hunter S. Thompson reference?

So… to sum up, see Hugo if you like rich art direction and cinematography and you’re in love with film. See Rango if you like esoteric lizards or are interested in an animated version of Chinatown. Wait, that makes it seem like I didn’t like Rango. I was actually pretty entertained, it’s just not a kids’ movie, in my opinion. Not that my opinion matters.


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  1. I concur. And, I am actually a person who really loves film history and art direction and cinematography, and I still thought the movie was boring. I’d way rather just watch those old movies. Oh well.


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