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L’ Anniversaire

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It’s nearly bedtime, and I have a delicious post planned for tomorrow. I just need to squeeze in a few quick words before reading by my miserable light until I either get bored or my eyes hurt too much to go on. I hear bloggers who are important sometimes get free stuff. Does fifteen readers a day get me enough clout for someone to send me a free book light? This is a serious problem.

Today was our anniversary. One year ago, we were quietly married in an completely unceremonious fashion. Think shuffling paperwork and a lot of Chinese. Literally. Pretty sure I wrote about this before.  Too lazy (aka tipsy) to give a link.

Two years ago, Geoff arrived in Taiwan back from England which he probably thought he’d never leave again.  Too bad I seduced him with my clever internet banter and made him fall in love with me via MSN instant messages. That fool will never be the same.

Also, I have exactly one year to plan my wedding. Your help will likely be required. Prepare yourself. I’m hoping we don’t see another repeat of today’s weather.

I love this man lying beside me more than I could possibly describe. I didn’t know what love actually felt like until I met him. I didn’t realize anybody could ever care this much about me. I had no idea it was even possible. My life has been forever changed and I wouldn’t take back a single moment of it. All of the things I had to go through to find him on the other side of the world were absolutely worth it. To be so completely understood, to be able to love somebody without having to wonder or worry, to know that I will always have somebody by my side who only wants the best for me is worth every tear-filled night I spent before I knew him. Two years feels like a whisper. I wish it could be a million.


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