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Dogs and Sport: A Sign of My Love

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Last Saturday was one of those rare days that neither of us had to work. We mostly enjoyed it thoroughly, but as I describe it, it will quickly become evident that Geoff made all the plans. But if it means I get to spend time with my husband, I’m happy to do just about anything.

I can sometimes be curmudgeonly. I don’t like crowds. I also don’t like waking up early. Oh, and dogs? Not much of a fan. They’re fine from a distance, cute in photos, but I feel uncomfortable around them. I especially don’t like them peeing on my shoe, which had never happened to me before this past Saturday.

So guess what we did. We got up early, drove to the other side of the island, and joined a big group, including volunteers from the Oahu SPCA and a bunch of dogs for a nice steep early morning hike. Geoff was so happy to be surrounded by so many dogs, and he even got to walk a couple of them. Unfortunately, I ruined everything by not eating breakfast, or dinner the night before for that matter. Halfway up, I suddenly felt very dizzy and nauseous. Much as I may have wanted to, I had to rest for a few minutes and then go back down to avoid puking. I suck. I make everything suck.

Oh, and then it started raining on the way back and we were completely soaked by the time we reached the car. We also got lost trying to remember which exit to take for Target and ended up at the Naval base without my driver’s license. There’s no opportunity to u-turn once you take the exit. DO NOT ENTER! So embarrassing.

So that was the dogs. What about the sports you ask? After some lunch and a nap, we went to Aloha Stadium for some football. I’m not allowed to say the word soccer. Geoff got some cheap tickets off of Groupon. He was so happy to be close to the action. It’s his favorite sport, and I learned a lot during the game. I ate a lot, too. What else is there to do at a stadium?

They may not have been my first choice of things to do with a day off, but honestly, it was a great day. If you can spend the day with someone you love, it doesn’t matter if you’re stranded at a garbage dump. I was happy to do things I knew my husband would love. When he’s happy, I’m happy.


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