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Almost two weeks ago, I had my 90 day review at work.  I’m gonna go ahead and brag for a minute.  It went really well.  I felt like I got straight A’s on my report card.  I also got a small raise, so that was pretty awesome, too.  This was also the point where I finally got up the nerve to tell my boss that I was interested in a management position.

The next words out of her mouth were, “I really hate to say this but…”  That sounds bad, doesn’t it?  Turns out what she really hated to say was that she thought I’d be great for the assistant manager at the new Ala Moana store, which doesn’t seem like something a person should hate.  Apparently, she hates it because she doesn’t want to lose me working at her store.  I don’t want to move, but I do want to make more money, and since there isn’t an assistant manager position at our store, moving is the only way.

She said she’d talk to the VP and give me a good recommendation.  Well, it turns out the VP wasn’t quite as enthusiastic and certain about it.  I am supposed to be going through a 90 day training period.  Not sure why it takes 90 days to train someone, but I guess those are the rules.  Also, once that 90 days is up, there’s still no guarantee that I would get a promotion.

Likely I will be a victim of nepotism since everybody is pretty sure that position is being held for the owner’s daughter.  What are you gonna do?  Also, I haven’t actually been trained on much of anything since my hours are being cut left right and center, and I’m never there long enough to learn anything. It’s been a bit frustrating, to be honest.

In other news, we drove halfway across the island on Saturday in order for Geoff to acquire a tortoise which will live for decades and grow to eventually be 200 pounds.  I love the man.  What are you gonna do?


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