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Things That Suck and Things That Are Awesome

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Having the helpful Indian guy find your daughter’s lost luggage after two whole days of nothing is awesome!

Knowing that the bag probably would have lived at LAX forever if I hadn’t called and talked to helpful Indian guy sucks.  Also, feeling guilty for not being able to understand helpful Indian guy’s accent sucks a little, too.  Sorry, guy.  You were just doing your job.

Going to the beach on Christmas Eve Eve is awesome.  Reading holiday food magazines while sitting in the warm sand and watching your daughter play in the coldish waves is awesome.

Being a sick little girl who has to walk home from the beach with a tummy ache sucks.  Especially when your mean mommy doesn’t let you sit down every five paces and makes you just keep walking until you get there so you can take a hot shower and get some medicine and go to bed.  That totally totally sucks.  Mommies are the worst sometimes.

Making white chocolate snowflake cookies is pretty awesome.  The candy melts you used for the first time that didn’t really behave like you’d imagined sucks a little.  But the cookies still taste great, so that’s awesome again.

Watching the original Pirates of the Caribbean again after not seeing it for a long time is way awesome.  I forgot how great that movie is.  So much fun.  I can’t really think of anything that sucks about that.  Maybe not having Johnny Depp come to your house for Christmas?

We saw the Black Pearl when we were here on vacation in 2010.  That was very awesome.  Not at all related to anything that happened yesterday.  Just throwing that out there.

In conclusion:  Sometimes stuff sucks, but mostly life is pretty awesome.  The end.


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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  1. Enjoy your christmas with Emily, even though she might not feel very well.
    At least you are spending quality time with her.
    We’ve just come back from a party with Pam who used to live next door.
    Barbara’s had too much to drink and is at the moment throwing up in a bucket. Ann and Graeme are still at Pam’s.
    Enjoy your time with your daughter while you can. They grow up all too quickly. Good to see Geoff’s taken to her very well.
    All the best wishes for Christmas (bah humbug) and the future. Hope to see you both again soon in the New Year


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