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Shopping Spree aka United Sucks

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For those of you on the edge of your seats painstakingly following the ongoing saga of my daughter’s lost luggage, here’s an update.  As of this morning, the nice man presumably in India informed me, once I told him what was in it, that her bag has been located in LAX and is being put on the next Continental flight to Honolulu.  It should be delivered today or early tomorrow.  Apparently, if you don’t call the nice man in India, nobody bothers to do anything to find your bag.  And they say patience is a virtue.

But this post is not about this morning.  It’s about yesterday.  Also known as the second time in a row that I got my schedule wrong.  Only this time, instead of being early, I was late, which is humiliating.  I’m never late.  What’s happened to my brain?  Why can’t it seem to tell me to go to work at the correct time.  I’ve written it down in several different places, and I still get it wrong.  I’m in big trouble.

The first thing we did was head to the Ross in Waikiki to buy Emily some new clothes since she still had no baggage.  We stopped off at Starbucks after a stroll through the shops and hotels, then picked out some shorts and t-shirts for the little lady and walked back along the water in the simultaneous rain and sunshine.  I never stop being amazed at how beautiful this place is.

I was in the middle of trying to bake a second batch of vanilla butter biscuits when I got a phone call telling me I got my work time wrong again.  It was a bit of a mess.  But Geoff was diligent and didn’t let the cookies burn, so all’s well, and maybe today I’ll actually be able to decorate them.

Geoff and Emily took the bus to the mall to do a bit of their own Christmas shopping.  We all had dinner at Panda Express on my break.  They were very sneaky with their shopping, so I have no clue what they bought.  I hate not knowing.  It makes me crazy.  I always want to know everything.

In conclusion, United is lame, Ross has a very limited selection of kids clothes, and The Bus is usually pretty fast and efficient.  It’s almost Christmas.  I can almost feel it.  I’m looking forward to having a bit of time off.  I can’t wait to plan the Christmas dinner menu today.  And maybe make some fudge.  And some chocolate chip cookies.  ‘Cause that’s what my mom would do.


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  1. wonderful post, keep going. Merry Christmas to you, God Bless


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