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Even without clean clothes, my daughter and I still managed to have a good day together.  Emily was coughing every few minutes and occasionally complained of stomach pain, but we still had fun.  I hope none have you have booked flights on United for the holidays.  Their track record is pretty bleak right now.  According to their website, two days later, they still haven’t made a shred of progress toward finding her bag.  I guess I’ll be making angry phone calls tomorrow.  I really hate doing that.

The most important thing on our list was getting Geoff some Christmas presents, which I’m afraid I can’t discuss any further.  Top secret.  Then it was a walk to Taco Bell for lunch, a trip to the grocery store to make her special request for dinner, and mixing up cookie dough.  You know, all the stuff one does with an 11 year old girl.

The best part of the day was decorating the Christmas tree.  A couple of weeks ago, Geoff and I bought a potted tree from Safeway.  It’s a tiny little thing, but we didn’t have to kill a tree, and hopefully, it will keep growing, and we can just keep reusing it until it gets too big for the house, then we can plant it outside.  I mostly sat back and snapped photos while Geoff and Emily had a great time decorating.  Emily kept complaining that the tree was too poky, and she didn’t quite have the manual dexterity necessary to tie the strings on the baubles, but I think she had fun nonetheless.

Christmas is supposed to have kids.  I’m so happy that I’m finally getting to spend the holidays with my baby again.  Even if she does wear the same shoe size as me.  I hope all of you are getting to enjoy time with the tiny humans in your family.  I intend to thoroughly enjoy my holidays.


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