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Ah, New Love

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Tuesday I got up, did some chores and then worked all day on shipment at my retail job.  I was tired.  But five minutes after I got home, Geoff called and asked if I wanted to walk down to the zoo and hang out with him while he worked the volunteer party.  My feet hurt.  My hair was a mess.  Did I say no?  Not a  chance.  I threw on a t-shirt that wasn’t advertising slippers, grabbed my iPod, and headed out the door.  I even walked extra far to get to the gate for the party which is on the completely opposite side from where we usually go in.  I was that eager.

People kept asking me why on Earth I’d want to come to a zoo party.  Well, there was free food, so that’s important.  It was outside in a lovely setting with nice music.  What’s bad about that?  But the real reason was that I just wanted to be able to spend a little more time with my husband.  Cynical people scoffed at this idea and claimed it was only because we hadn’t been together that long.  Well, guess what.  We’ve lived together a year and nine months, and I still can’t think of anybody I’d rather be with.

It’s true.  I really love this guy.  I can’t think of anybody I’d rather spend my time with.  When we’re together, everything is calmer, safer, warmer.  I laugh more.  I can be myself.  If given the choice, I’ll choose going somewhere potentially lame with my husband over being alone every single time.  And it’s not because it’s a new love.  It’s because he’s awesome.  I never ever get tired of him.  He’s my partner and my best friend and I love him and that’s all there is to it.  Even if it means walking home in the rain, I’m by his side whenever possible.  Always.


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