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Thursday was a pretty crap day.  I slept horribly for some reason and woke up feeling completely exhausted.  Try as I might, I could not find any energy at work.  One good thing about Thursday was that I still didn’t have to get gas in my scooter.  Or moped.  Whatever you want to call it.

This is what sits in our driveway.  See that car back there.  I’ve only driven it three times, and one of those was to drive it home from the place we bought it from.  The car is for deliveries, long distances, big item shopping trips, and passengers only.  Most of the time, it stays exactly where it is, looking cute in front of my house and giving people an excuse to punch each other.

That blue scooter, yeah that’s mine.  It has a one gallon gas tank.  I fill it up approximately every two weeks.  This is my main mode of transportation.  That one gallon gas tank will take me 100 miles.  I spend less than ten dollars a month on gas.  I haven’t done the actual research on pollution, but I figure if I’m only using two gallons a month, it’s got to be way less than my car.  AND it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I’m reducing my dependency on foreign oil which is a huge reason why we’re involved in all these wars.

I think you should get a scooter, too.  A brand new 50cc scooter cost me $900.  Just think of how much space there’d be on city streets if everybody who was alone in their car was on a scooter instead.  If some states’ laws were changed to allow a passenger on a scooter, there’d be even fewer cars on the streets.  In one block, I counted 21 cars with only the driver inside.  Why weren’t those people on scooters?  And you can probably fit five scooters in the space it takes to park one car.  They just make so much sense.

If you’re going somewhere by yourself, you don’t have to drive on the freeway, and the temperature is above 50 degrees and not raining, you should be going there on your scooter, not your big SUV.  I know it’s impractical to suggest that Americans not have cars.  Sometimes you need it.  Sometimes I need mine.  But mostly, I don’t.  Mostly, I can get everywhere I need to go on my scooter.  I just have to adjust my expectations a little bit and learn to live with less.  And trust me, when I pull up to the pump, living with less feels so good.

So buy a scooter.  And a helmet.  Always wear a helmet.  Unless you hate your brain and you want it to potentially be smeared onto a city street.  Not only are they economical, they’re also a lot of fun.  I’m not kidding.  Do it.  Consume less.  Pollute less.  Have more fun.  It’s a win win.


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  1. Not very pleasant in England during winter.

    • I did say over 50 degrees (that’s 10 for you) and not raining. I’ve had to ride in cold rain. It is NOT fun. But the weather here is never that cold. People can’t possibly use that as an excuse.


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