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Banging My Head Against the Wall

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Tuesday was the most frustrated I’ve ever been at work.  It started out with my shift being pushed back an hour.  I actually made the most of this by squeezing in a little power nap before work.  I arrived well rested and ready to unpack the shipment for my section.  But the shipment wasn’t there, and wouldn’t be there for another two hours.  So my shift got pushed back again.  Then the shipment arrived, and all hell broke loose.

They just kept bringing the boxes.  Stack after stack arrived until there were twenty boxes for my brand.  I had been going over the order for the past few days.  It wasn’t extremely big.  About 250 units.  Twenty boxes?  What the hell?  But we went to work opening them up and sorting them.  That’s what we do.  We just tackle whatever’s thrown at us.

We had just finished our fifth box when the phone rang.  That’s when I heard one of my coworkers saying “Stop, stop, stop!”  Guess what?  Fourteen of those boxes weren’t ours.  Only one of the five boxes we had just opened and sorted was supposed to go to our store.  Everything else was meant for the new store on the other side of town, but the only way to know that was to look at the PO code that I didn’t even know how to read prior to this phone call.

So we had to check in every single item from our boxes and then go pull what was in our already opened box from the rest of the ones we’d opened earlier.  And all as quickly as possible.  I wanted somebody in shipping’s head on a platter.  I was so annoyed.  So pissed off that we had to do all of this extra work because somebody mismarked fourteen boxes.

Thankfully, that hero of a husband of mine already had some hummus in the fridge and then took me to the grocery store to buy vodka and Kahlua and made me two excellent white Russians while we watched completely mindless television and my blood pressure slowly dropped.  I was so stressed.  My eyes were all out of whack again, which only happens when my exhaustion and stress are off the charts.  It was too much for one day.  I don’t get paid enough to deal with this kind of crap.

Thanks for letting me vent.  It was annoying.  But early Cadbury creme eggs make everything better.  They are a beautiful thing.


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