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Workin’ for the Weekend

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Remember when the weekend would come around and I’d sit on my sofa for hours doing nothing and being generally lazy?  Those were the good old days.  This past Saturday I worked an eight hour shift.  The boss lady was out, so I tried to step it up and make sure everything got taken care of.  I’ve started taking ten minute breaks instead of thirty because there’s always so much to take care of.  My sales numbers have been abysmal because I’m always doing other stuff.  Alas, that’s what it takes to put food on the table in the middle of the ocean.

But I’m sure you must be getting sick of hearing about work.  Let’s see.  What else is there?  Well, there’s Frozen Planet and hummus.  The most recent hummus recipe I tried was much better than the first.  It had Greek yogurt in it, which gave it terrific body.  The recipe can be found in Nigella Kitchen, and if you have a food processor, it can be ready to be devoured in about ten minutes.  Hummus is like some kind of miracle.  I love the stuff.

And who better to entertain you while you devour a big bowl of the stuff than David Attenborough.  We’ve been watching Frozen Planet the last few days.  There’s some truly amazing stuff in this series.  It seems like some of the stuff can’t possibly be real.  The underwater shots are especially mesmeric.  But my favorite has got to be the penguins.  I simply cannot see penguins waddling and flopping and shooting out of the sea without giggling like crazy. It’s great therapy.

I’ve barely gone anywhere lately that hasn’t been work.  And we’re back in that time warp again.  My life is so dull.  I’m not surprised you no longer wish to join me in the telling of it.  It’s almost over folks.  Soon this blog will be but a memory.  So, a win for everybody.


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