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I had absolutely nothing that I HAD to do on Thursday.  No responsibilities, no pressing chores, no plans whatsoever.  It.  was.  glorious.  It had been a long time since I had a day with absolutely no responsibilities, and boy did I enjoy it.  I stayed in bed as long as I liked.  I cleaned the house at my leisure.  I read books.  I poked around pinterest.  I took a nice long nap.  Amazing.

It was a rainy day, so of course I made myself nice and cozy.  I had hot chocolate and snuggled up with a book at one point.  What’s better than that?

I even got to spend a bunch of leisurely time in the kitchen.  I made a chocolate lime tart which got a bit confused in the translation from an English to an American recipe, but I know exactly how to fix it, so it will come out better next time.  Even though the crust was a bit crumbly, the results were still amazingly delicious.  It was just tart enough to tweak the back of your mouth, but not so tart as to become distasteful.  And the little bursts of dark chocolate here and there were perfect.  Once I make the crust tighter, it will be even more amazing.

I also tried to use up my leftover turkey in a tortilla soup.  A big pot of soup is the perfect thing to make on a drizzly day.  It fills the house with a great aroma, and it’s so hearty and warming.  I thought the soup came out really nicely, even though the turkey was a bit tough, as I knew it probably would be.  But the rest of the soup, especially with plenty of cheese was very tasty.  Geoff, on the other hand, for some inexplicable reason, seems to hate all things corn.  This includes jalapeno corn muffins, corn tortillas, and even corn on the cob.  Who doesn’t love sweet summer corn?  I think he might be a little insane.  He also doesn’t like cinnamon.  What a nutball.

It was a replenishing day.  I hope I have a few more of them in my future.  I miss doing nothing every now and then.  Specifically, I miss doing nothing and not having to feel guilty about it because I know I worked hard earlier and I deserve it.  Here’s to days off.  Enjoy them when you can get them.


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