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Surprises: Some Pleasant, Some Not

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Surprise number one was decidedly of the unpleasant variety.  I woke up feeling sick.  I had a sore throat the night before, but by the time the alarm went off at 7:00 am, I was in full blown cold-land.  I decided it would be best for me to just stay asleep a little while longer.  My throat was sore, my head was heavy, my body was aching, and I was feeling generally gross.  I felt bad about not visiting with Geoff before he went to work, but I just really needed the rest.

I didn’t manage to accomplish all of the things I had hoped to do that morning because of this surprise illness, but I did buy ingredients for the caramel cheesecake I had to make for a customer.  Even if my own Thanksgiving meal didn’t come together, I absolutely had to make this cheesecake, plague or no.

I had to go to work, which meant I would have to talk to people, which was something I was definitely not looking forward to.  My throat was so swollen.  But off I went, trying not to look pathetic.  Maggie was in, along with one of her new hires.  She was surprisingly pleasant and chatty.  She told me that she had coverage for me for Wednesday night, and she could get somebody to take my Saturday shift as well.  Surprise!  Monday was my last day at Magnolia.  Good riddance.

I struggled through my short shift, which was quiet, thankfully, so not much talking was required.  Geoff decided he wanted bangers and mash for dinner, so after I got home, I headed back to Safeway to procure the ingredients.  I was surprised that I managed to successfully make onion gravy, even though it ended up sitting and thickening too long, Geoff being late coming home from the barber’s.

We made a third trip to Safeway that night to buy all of the Thanksgiving groceries, sans the turkey and a can of pumpkin which I’d already bought for fear that there would be none left.  This was a bit unnecessary, but I didn’t want the rumors to turn out to be true.  It was unpleasant to discover that the cheapest bottle of real maple syrup was over ten dollars, though I can’t say I was necessarily surprised.  We opted out, and even with that, our grocery bill was around $70.

I hope it’s a delicious Thanksgiving.  I’m nervous about having strangers over.  Will they understand our poor/casual lifestyle?  I hope they have a good time and that they love the food.  I’m getting pretty nervous.  I still have to put together my time table, but now that I have Wednesday off, I have plenty of time to make ahead.  No turning back now.  Hoping for no more unpleasant surprises.


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