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Going the Extra Mile

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I woke up early on Sunday because Geoff woke up early.  It was his first day to volunteer in the reptile section at the zoo.  He has to be there at 8:00 am, which means his alarm went off at 6:30.  My muscles were still screaming from our hike the day before.  Standing up was the very last thing I wanted to do.  It was actually a bit chilly in our house, though, so for once I was looking forward to a hot shower.

On the same day that our manager yelled at us all and told us we weren’t taking enough initiative, she mentioned that the windows on the garage door at the front of the store were dirty.  So at 8:30 I headed to Kahala Mall, went to McDonald’s and had some breakfast, then dragged myself in to the store.  At 9:00 I was washing windows.  They were pretty disgusting, especially on the outside.  I wish I could have just hosed them down.  Don’t think mall management would have been too thrilled about that.

I worked from open to close, and at some point had to take a break to go buy a present for secret santa for our dinner that night.  At about 5:55 (we close at 6:00) a customer came in with some ridiculous demands about a slipper that was supposedly damaged.  It wasn’t, but because he was such an ass about it, my manager decided to appease him and return it anyway.  He was there until 6:20 shopping for slippers for his father.  Just goes to show, if you throw a big enough fit, you’ll always get your way.

Eventually we set off for Waikiki and The Yard House.  I was so exhausted but trying to be merry.  Going out to eat at a new place with new people always makes me anxious, and sure enough, they made fun of me for being a picky eater.  I also had to try to order a pear cider with only my Taiwanese health insurance card as ID.  Not sure why that’s still in my wallet.  It was a bit of a fiasco, but the manager decided to serve me in the end.  The food was excellent, though the sweet potato fries still weren’t as good as the ones at Burgers on the Edge.

After we ate, everybody decided they wanted to walk around and check out some shops.  I just wanted to lay down and go to sleep and nurse my oncoming cold.  But we went traipsing through Waikiki looking at things I could only dream of affording.  I gave what was left of my cheeseburger and fries to a homeless man.  I hope it’s not bad manners to give a half eaten burger to a guy with a sign that says hungry.  If I was so hungry I had to hold up a sign, I think I’d be pretty happy with half a gourmet cheeseburger.

When I finally got back home and into the arms of my husband at around 10:30 I couldn’t have been happier.  At that point, I knew I was definitely getting sick.  It was so comforting to finally be where I belonged.  I had been waiting all day to hear about his stories with the reptiles.  I try to socialize, but nothing is as good when he’s not there.


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  1. livingalifeworthliving

    Sounds like your really in love 🙂


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