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As I was going to bed last night, I realized I never wrote a blog post.  That means I owe you this one plus one more today.  So let’s talk about all of the exciting things I’ve done in the last two days.  Tuesday I went and bought tart ingredients, than I went to work.  I got sent home early because the shipment was completed and the store was slow.  Oh yes, I’d almost forgotten about this after work adventure.

I got home and dropped off the heavy things in my purse, including a book, then set off on foot toward the zoo.  It was 4:30, so I expected to run into my husband on his way home from work.  I wanted him to be surprised by just running into me on the street while he thought I was still at work.  He would be so happy to see me.  But as I reached the library, I became puzzled.  I really should have run into him by then.  Was he working late?  I texted, asking him what time he was getting off work.  No response.

I carried on anyway, thinking I’d just wait outside the gate.  Surely he’d be setting off any moment.  When I got there, the catering people were leaving for the day, and a man had opened the gate.  He asked me what I was doing, I told him, and he told me to come inside and go into the office.  Since I hadn’t heard from him, I assumed he was in a meeting and didn’t want to interrupt.  I nervously sat down at a table outside his office, hoping that I wouldn’t get him in trouble by lurking outside zoo offices when I really wasn’t supposed to be there.

So I sat here.  For over an hour.  Waiting.  I managed to get a weak wifi signal on my phone and passed some time by playing solitaire on my iPod.  Alas, I did not bring a book.  The worst part is, when I finally ran into my husband, he wasn’t even happy to see me because he was so stressed out from his meeting.  Plus, we didn’t get to walk home together anyway.  It was a total total fail on my part.  I suck at life.

Moral of the story:  Don’t try to surprise your husband when you don’t actually know his schedule.  Also, don’t get yourself locked in to a zoo after hours.


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