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You may have noticed that I’ve been whining about being really busy and having to work all the time quite a bit lately.  Well, I’ve finally decided to do something about that.  I’m definitely for sure giving my notice at Magnolia the next time I see my boss.  I thought I was going to have to tell her today, but it turns out she wasn’t in like she usually is on Mondays.  I’ll just have to keep going back every day until I can talk to her.  I’ll finish working the shifts she has me scheduled for, which take me up to the 26th of November, or until she can replace me, whichever comes first.

Despite the anxiety related to actually having to tell her I’m quitting even though she specifically said she was looking for someone long term when she hired me, I’m feeling quite relieved.  I’ll actually have more time off and make more money by just working one job full time than I did when I was juggling two.  I think my stress is about to be greatly reduced.

This will hopefully give me the time to take care of some of those things I’ve been procrastinating.  Geoff is on a mission to buy us a car.  And we still need to set a date for the wedding.  Sheesh, I’m really sucking at life these days.  I really need to get my act together.  We’ve been here nearly three months.  You’d think I’d have it all down by now.

In other news, my husband is currently releasing noxious fumes into our bedroom about every ten minutes or so.  He thinks that by saying he loves me every time he farts, this somehow excuses the unpleasant aroma.  It does not.  Just so we’re clear.  This is evidence of how truly dedicated I am to this man that I will remain beside him even though he smells of rotten eggs and burning rubber.  Can I get a wife of the year award?


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  1. That’s Geoff!!!


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