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Saturday was an epic workday from Hell.  It’s not that I worked particularly hard, but that I worked for a long time at something mind-numbingly dull.  I opened Magnolia and worked from 10 to 1, actually a little past because the person on the next shift was late.  I then went to eat lunch, and they were having some sort of horrid pre-teen karaoke thing in the mall.  So I hid out in the back room of Island Sole to eat my sandwich and hide from the terrible off-tune crooning of tween girls.

My next shift was a short meeting with the Olu Kai rep at Island sole.  She brought us candy and free Olu Kai accessories, so that was a bonus.  It’s obvious why Michelle has been able to make such a great career of being a sales rep.  I’ve rarely met someone so full of enthusiasm for a product.  She was seriously high energy, but not in a grating way.  She really makes you believe in the product.  Michelle is excellent at her job.  It was a good hour.  I laughed quite a bit.  It makes a big difference spending time with people you actually enjoy.

After the meeting, I hurried home to try to catch a bit of a nap.  I had left my book in my scooter, so I turned to Harry Potter once more to quiet my mind for a few minutes before I fell asleep.  I also carefully set my alarm on my phone to make sure I’d wake up in time.  I was even careful to observe that the alarm icon was on.  And yet, somehow, my alarm never went off, and when I luckily woke up at 4:35, the alarm icon was gone.  You have to hold down the alarm off button on my phone for a few seconds, so there’s no way I accidentally brushed it and shut it off.  Besides, I set the snooze anyway.  The same thing happened to Geoff earlier during his nap between his two gigs.  There must have been some sort of alarm fairy in our bedroom that afternoon.

I hopped out of bed, got myself together, forgot to put my bracelets and earrings back on, and headed back to the mall, this time for a closing shift at Magnolia from 5 to 9.  By this time I was grumpy and annoyed.  I bought myself a Cinnabon to try and console myself.  It worked for a little while.  I admit, I wasn’t very productive during my second shift.  16 people came in to the store the whole evening.  I didn’t make much of an effort to organize or clean things.  I just didn’t have the will.  This kind of thing would never happen at my other job.  I’m so excited to only have one job very soon.  It will be a huge relief.


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