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Before we get started, let me rewind two minutes and tell you what just happened.

I scoff, “I got six views yesterday.”

Geoff replies, “You suck.”

And it’s true.  It’s really true.  And yet I’m still writing.

The library is thwarting me.  The book I requested has been “in transit” for like two weeks now.  Pretty sure it’s coming from Tahiti on the back of a turtle.  I finally finished my other in between book, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  So I had nothing to read.  This, my friends, is a tragedy.  I skulked out to my shelf looking for something to re-read and chose The Hunger Games.

I had forgotten just how bleak this book is.  Every single sentence is filled with pain and tragedy.  But naturally, as I began reading, I started thinking about the film adaptation.  I think Jennifer Lawrence will be a fantastic Katniss.  I saw her in Winter’s Bone, and she was amazing.  She showed she definitely has the guts to play a cold, conflicted character.  I’ve seen promo photos of Gale and Peeta.  I have no opinion on those two actors.  I’m not familiar with either of them.  Elizabeth Banks drives me nuts, but so does Effie Trinket, so maybe it will all work out.  I am absolutely thrilled with the casting of Woody Harrelson as Haymitch.  I think he will be perfect.

My concern is how they will convey all of the exposition Katniss gives us in the first few chapters.  There’s a whole apocalypse to explain, followed by the development, rebellion, and suppression of a new civilization.  Not to mention the incident with Katniss’s father, and her mother’s subsequent debilitating depression.  It’s a lot to explain.  It’s done brilliantly through Katniss’s first person narration in the novel.  Yet I wonder how all of this is going to be accomplished on screen.    Will they have narration?  Katniss doesn’t really talk to anybody but Gale.  Will they do it through conversation between those two?  Will they have some sort of prologue?  I’ve noticed that they have cast someone to play Katniss’s father, so I’m assuming there will be flashbacks.

I really hope this movie is good.  The director/writer, Gary Ross, has some great credits including Seabiscuit and Pleasantville, and Suzanne Collins is also given a writing credit, so it seems that they’ve put a great team together.  The book definitely has a lot of cinematic potential.  I’m worried that they’re going to go too far and add in a bunch of things that didn’t really happen to make it more “exciting.”  I also hope they don’t skimp on the gruesome terror of the games themselves.  The stark horror is what makes The Hunger Games such an intriguing book.

I will see the movie, regardless, and I’m confident it will be worth my time.  If you haven’t read The Hunger Games yet, go get it right this very second.  And just go ahead and pick up the other two because you’ll want to pick up the next one the moment you finish the first.


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