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Well, yesterday…  Steve Jobs died, and that was sad…  I made pumpkin scones, and they were delicious…  I took a nap…  I went to work…  It was actually a fairly simple day.  I came home to a husband who decided to have two cups of coffee after 7 pm.  He was as hyper as an eight year old on fun dip.  We laughed a lot.  That’s about it.

So…  let’s talk about… stuff.  I successfully avoided Pinterest for ages, even though everybody was always saying how amazing and addicting it was.  I thought, “The last thing I need is another thing on the internet to consume all of my time.  That’s why I quit Facebook games.”  But Pinterest is beautiful, and I can’t look away.

I think I mostly maintain a pretty healthy attitude toward material things.  I admire them without having to have them.  If I had a bit of money, that might change, but I do love to look at beautiful things.  It’s cheaper than admission to an art museum, and usually makes more sense to me.  Creativity is inspiring to me.  I get a lot of pleasure out of visually consuming other people’s creativity.  I blame the estrogen.  So let’s look at some cool stuff.

My board, Where I Wish to Dwell, is all about home.  Cool stuff for where I wish I could live, inside and out.

I’m pretty sure I need to live in this house somewhere in an ancient English wood.  I could bake pies and talk to chipmunks and sing to birds while wearing clogs and an apron.  That’s got to be the best chimney I’ve ever seen.

As you might imagine, I’ve fallen in love with lots of photos of homes filled with books.  I’m quite certain I could pass many hours quite happily in a library like this.  Everything is simple.  The books are the highlight of the room.  All the color comes from them.  The floor is gorgeous, as is the view.  Switch it up for palm trees and a sandy beach, and it would be just like home.

The first photo was our English house.  This one is our Hawaii house.  It reminds of of Rose and Bernard on Lost.  I absolutely love the hammock out front.  This is pretty much the most perfect house I will never have.  I love it.

I have a couple hundred images pinned already.  People were right; it really is addicting.  I won’t bore you with sharing every little thing, but I did want to show you just a few.  You can check out all the stuff I love on your own time.  Check out my Eat board to see just how obsessed I am with carbs and cheese.  It’s a problem.  Oh, and surround yourself with beautiful things today.  Most beautiful things are free.  Notice it.  It will make you happier.


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