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After waking up at 6, walking to Waikiki for a McGriddle on the beach, and heading home for a nap and a lazy morning, I met up with Geoff  on his way home from his fish class.  It was hot, so we decided to stop off for some shave ice.  I got gypped again on the syrup.  They get one more chance, and then I’m never going back there.

I got to spend about 40 minutes with my husband before heading off to work for six hours in heels.  I made one sale the whole night.  It’s hard to stay focused for so long sometimes.  I took my shoes off to vacuum.  I hope that’s not illegal or something.

I came home and made carbonara. I’m pretty sure that pasta with bacon, eggs, cream, and cheese is the perfect food.  It was salty and cheesy and creamy and ever so delicious to enjoy with a glass of wine in the back garden.  If you’ve still never had carbonara, make it tonight.  It’s so easy.  If you can’t get pancetta, or don’t want to pay for it, just use bacon.  It’s easily just as good.

For once we managed to get ourselves up and out of the house and down to the pub for a few drinks.  We went to Kelly O’Neills, an Irish pub in Waikiki.  It’s not a fancy place at all, but they sold cider, so I was happy.  They have live music on the weekends.  It’s just your typical bar cover bands.  Don’t expect to be blown away by artistry.  We met a couple who are both in the military.  They were entertaining to talk to and paid for half of our tab, so they’re okay in my book.

Somehow we managed to stay out until Geofff’s friend’s band finished at 3:30.  This was the first time we stayed up past 11 since we moved here.  We stumbled back home quite merrily, but after so long on my feet in dress shoes, I could not wait to hit my bed.  Feet throbbing, I was in bed just a few seconds after walking in the door.  We managed to sleep until a little after 9 this morning, even with all the sirens blaring outside.  I think I need a cup of tea.


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