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It’s official.  I now have two jobs.  So, in addition to trying to start my own business, I will be practically living at the Kahala Mall.  If you need any antique furniture, olive oil, home decor, sea salt, or flip flops (damn, I mean slippers), come see me.  I’m your girl.

I have a big stack of paperwork to fill out, and my drug test is scheduled for Monday at 11:30.  Monday evening is my first shift, and I’ve already received three free t-shirts to wear to work.  They’re all pretty cute, and the Island Sole shirt is from Banana Republic, my favorite store that I’ve never been able to buy anything from.  Free slippers to follow.  I’ve promised myself a pedicure, since people will be looking at my feet all the time.

I’m still feeling a bit apprehensive about all the odd hours and time away from my husband.  Every single time he’s had something to do outside of work, I have time off.  Which means when he’s out doing fun stuff, I’m stuck at home with nothing to do.  Which means I get sullen and pouty and make him feel guilty for having fun, which is completely unfair.  I hate being left out.  It’s the unpopular girl’s curse.  I’m thrilled that he’s so popular and making so many friends.  He’s extremely happy, and that makes me happy.  I have envy issues.  It’s a struggle.

I’m ready for things to start settling down and being normal.  I need to be able to get used to how life is going to be here.  I hope that work doesn’t become all-consuming.  I hope that my husband doesn’t get bored with me.  I hope I can pay my rent and put food on the table.  There are a lot of things that I want, I suppose.  Silly, selfish girl.


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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