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While my husband was off drinking with rich people again, I got a lot of things done today.

1.  I washed a load of towels and hung them on the line, did the dishes, and straightened and vacuumed the living room.

2.  I went to Costco and bought cereal, chicken breasts, and butter.  Tragically I was paying more attention to how it was portioned and packaged than what kind it was and discovered when I got it home that I’d just bought 4 pounds of salted butter.  Also, driving home with 6.5 pounds of frozen chicken in your backpack is an interesting sensation.

3.  I made cupcake batter and baked cupcakes.

4.  I went to Ross and Walmart and bought stuff for our kitchen:  tongs, a good whisk, a cupcake carrier, and a cake decorating set.

5.  I made caramel, filled cupcakes, made more caramel, made frosting, filled a piping bag, and decorated cupcakes.

6.  I went to Cold Stone and got free ice cream, and then went to Safeway and got some frozen organic mac and cheese.

7.  I ate the mac and cheese while watching the end of Lion in Winter with Glenn Close and Patrick Stewart.  Some truly brilliant classical acting there.  Check it out if you’re into British costume drama and lofty dialogue.

8.  I walked to City Mill and bought bungee cords so I can hopefully attach this cupcake carrier to the back of my scooter and deliver these cupcakes to my boss tomorrow morning.

9.  I made more caramel and attempted to drizzle it into circles that wouldn’t harden because it’s too hot in my kitchen.  I then put these slightly droopy caramel circles on the cupcakes.  I still think they look pretty cool.  It will all be better once I’ve been able to practice a bit more.

At this point it was about 7:45 and I thought I deserved to finally sit down for a little while.  I drank the last cider, played Little Big Planet, and started watching Barney’s Version starring Paul Giamatti.  I’m pretty disappointed at all of the stuff I didn’t get done today.  I hope tomorrow will be better.


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