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My husband left for work at 8 am.  I saw him for thirty minutes this afternoon when we went for coffee.  I don’t expect him home until after midnight.  Possibly well after if he decides to go out after work.  I’m not loving being alone all day.  I seem to recall that I occasionally looked forward to spending the evenings alone in my previous existence.  I don’t like it anymore.  I miss him.  I want him to come home so I can have someone to talk to.  He’s my favorite.  It’s no fun without him here to annoy me.

I did manage to get out of the house for a little while today.  I headed out to the mall on my day off for an interview for a second job.  This one is at a slipper store.  They have hundreds of styles of flip flops.  I didn’t know they made so many different flip flops.  The interview went well.  The manager, who is the wife of one of Geoff’s workmates, is going to recommend me to the owner, and I have to do another interview with her before I can be offered the position.  I think it’s mainly a formality, though.  Now I can afford groceries without too much stress.

I met with another success when I went into Whole Foods on my way out to see if they’d gotten any pumpkin in.  I scored myself a can of organic pumpkin, and as soon as the caramel dust settles, I can finally whip up those pumpkin scones I’ve been dreaming about.

I spent most of my evening reading, watching movies, and making cheesecake.  I also ate WAY too much burger and sweet potato fries.  Pretty sure I’m going to burst.  I really need to get this portion size thing under control.  I enjoy the experience, but I hate the way it makes me feel afterward.  I would be just as satisfied with half as much food.  Gonna get to work on that tomorrow.

Geoff keeps sending me texts about the party he’s working at and how great it is.  Boo.  I want to go to a fancy party with an open bar and dance.  But no, it’s just me and my cheesecake, and my bloated stomach.  Send my husband home.


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