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Living in the Open

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Apparently kids football games start very early around here.  Try 7:30 am.  And the parents and spectators are very enthusiastic.  They must all be drinking that good Kona coffee to be able to cheer their kids on so well this early on a Saturday.  I hear they take football very seriously out here on the islands.  It’s not really their fault.  I don’t blame them for waking us.  This house doesn’t exactly allow for a lot of privacy.

I love our little place.  It’s cozy and clean.  The location has great access to the beach, and shops, not far from downtown or the mountains.  It’s pretty ideal.  The thing is, the windows are ALWAYS open.  24/7.  We don’t have air conditioning.  It’s doable.  It can get pretty warm in here in the late afternoon, or if the oven is on, but it doesn’t make me want to pass out.  I can handle it.  With our constantly open windows, we sometimes get a nice breeze blowing through the house.  What we don’t get is privacy.

The view from our living room floor

We can hear everything that goes on outside our window at all times of the day and night.  It’s a bit like living your whole life in a tent.  Sometimes it’s perfectly quiet, and you don’t notice anything.  But one of our neighbors works a very early shirt and starts his very loud truck at 5:30 every morning.  Every night at 9:30 some sort of alarm goes off.  We suspect it exists to warn people that the park is closing, and they should get out before the lights shut off.  We can tell what video game the kids are playing next door, which means they could probably hear us watching Deadwood.  Good thing we’ve moved on to Arrested Development.  Less swearing.  Though I think every show ever made has less swearing than Deadwood.

I love our house.  It’s certainly quieter than in Taiwan.  And at least all the noises here are things I can understand and make sense of.  But I was sleeping really well when that football game started.  Earplugs, perhaps?  There’s no way I’m closing the windows.


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