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Let me tell you about the best parts of my day yesterday.  Let’s skip over the tedious house cleaning and filling out of job applications.  Let’s not mention the lack of air conditioning that leaves me just slightly sweaty all day.  Let’s go straight to the yummy parts.

In my continuing quest to bake my way through Alton Brown’s I’m Just Here for More Food, I made chocolate muffins yesterday.  AB is very insistent in his book that a muffin should not merely be a cupcake without frosting.  Muffins have a different structure than cupcakes.  They are a bit heavier and heartier.  Not uniformly smooth and soft like cake is.  Muffins are their own thing.  After baking two of his muffin recipes, I now see what he’s talking about.  Both muffins had a bit of a crust that formed on the outside.  They are delicious.  I’m falling in love with real muffins.  One trick he suggests that I think really helps is to turn them out onto a towel immediately and lay them o their sides to let them cool.  This keeps the bottom from getting soggy and allows that thin crust to form on the bottom as well as the top.  So yummy.

The second yummy thing I made yesterday was from a new blog I’ve been reading, How Sweet It Is.  This blog is thoroughly entertaining, as well as full of both sweet and savory recipes that are  both easy and delicious.  I promise this blog will make you giggle.  I don’t quite want to be best friends with her like I do with Darla at Bakingdom, but I definitely want to go to her house and eat.  It’s just that I’d rather talk about Harry Potter than The Bachelorette is all.

Either way, I made her roasted potatoes with bacon and gorgonzola for dinner last night.  I didn’t have quite as many delicious herbs as she did, though I now know some things I need to add to my garden.  And I just used a regular yellow onion because I already had some in the fridge.  But none of that really matters.  You all know the important part is the bacon and the blue cheese.  When Geoff started eating, he said, “These are the best potatoes I’ve ever had.”  He seems to throw around a lot of superlatives when he eats my food.  Not sure if he really means it, but it makes me feel good.  They were really great.  I barely gave a thought to the chicken on my plate.  I just wanted the potatoes.

So I guess the lesson here is that even a really mundane day can be made infinitely better by delicious food.  Too bad we can’t just skip all the other parts and go straight to the cooking and eating of yummy things.  Come over for dinner.  Seriously.  We need friends.


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