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Just Past Sandy Beach

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Take a right on Waialae, and stay on it until it turns into Highway 73.  Keep driving as fast as your little scooter will go.  Eventually, you’ll get out of town and into Koko Head Park.  There are a number of attractions in this area, including Hanauma Bay, but we drove right past them.  Past the Japanese fishing shrine, past the From Here to Eternity Beach and the Halona Blow Hole, even past the well known Sandy Beach and its unforgiving shore break.

Just on the other side of this nicely kept beach park, is a bit of seaside that’s more forgotten.  The old road is torn up and potholed.  The few cars are just pulled up anywhere along this road and the shallow sand behind it.  Don’t be a fool, like someone we saw, and drive your little SUV into the deep sand past the road, though, or you’ll likely need a tow truck to get you out.  It seemed to take about an hour.

There’s no swimming or surfing in this area.  There are no shade trees for a quiet picnic.  So, why did we go here?  Tide pools.  The shore is lined with jagged lava rock.  Water has been trapped in dozens of little pools, and we were on the hunt for cute little fishes and crabs and any other wildlife we could lay eyes on.  We found some surprisingly big fish in one pool with vibrant yellow markings.  I also love to watch the black crabs scurrying about, seeming so busy.

We parked ourselves in the sand under the minimal shade of a bush for a while before heading back and just watched the waves and the clouds for a while, remarking how lucky we were to live here.  I can’t wait to find the next beautiful spot.


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