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We don’t have cable.  And for some strange reason, we can’t even get the normal network stations to work in our living room.  It doesn’t really bother me.  I’ve gotten pretty used to not having TV, but for a kid, no TV can be pretty traumatizing.  She’s coped by playing massive amounts of Little Big Planet.  She’s got her pod all decorated and has even made us watch a sack boy fashion show.  With Geoff’s help (even though he often punches her in the face, his sack boy that is) I think she’s made it through all the levels and is working on building her own.  My guess is, she really likes this game.

Yesterday, she decided we should turn our house into a restaurant and surprise Geoff with a nice dinner when he got home.  Our restaurant would be called Little Big Planet Cafe.  She made signs, straightened up the living room, created “tables” out of shelving and ottomans, and even put on a nice dress and fixed her hair so she could be the waitress.  I felt bad that we didn’t have a table for her to set and decorate, but she seemed quite content.  She chose the menu as well, bacon-wrapped chicken filled with onion and chive cream cheese, cheesy potatoes, and for dessert a pink lady cake with fresh strawberries.  I was the cook, but the dishes were all her idea.

When it was almost time for Geoff to come home, she put on music and shut the door so that he could see the sign.  She took his things and seated him at our finest futon/ottoman/table. She took his drink order and brought him the last beer in the house.  She showed him the hand drawn menu and he ordered one of everything.  When the food was ready, she carried it out to everybody.  She even drank her milk from a wine glass.  She stayed in character the entire time.  It was pretty awesome.

After dinner, we played charades, though she was the only one acting things out.  It’s much more fun this way.  I laughed my face off.  This kid’s brain is a strange and wondrous place.  Do I really have to send her home in a few days?  I don’t know if I’m strong enough for that.


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