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The morning started out quite stressfully with trying to figure out how to book a ticket for an unaccompanied minor without a credit card.  I learned that you can’t get a prepaid visa with more than $500 on it and that the fees to wire money from one account to another are a bit on the ridiculous side.  My current plan is to go out to the airport tomorrow with my dad and try to book her a flight by paying cash at the ticket counter.  Why can’t things ever just be easy?

We escaped the afternoon heat by taking a drive in the air conditioned car up into the mountains. We caught some spectacular sights from Tantalus and Round Top Road, and then made a stop off at the Punchbowl memorial cemetary for a touch of history and more amazing views of downtown Honolulu and the gorgeous blue Pacific.  We saw some stunning trees and several mongooses skittering about along the side of the road.  I can’t wait to go back here on my scooter where I can see everything.  I also spotted some trails along the side of the road.  It smells like the forest up there.  It’s magical.

Since I failed yet again to get a kitchen table, we had dinner at On On Chinese Restaurant across the street from our apartment.  The food was good and arrived quickly.  They do take out, and I’m curious about some of the other things on the menu.  I have a feeling we’ll be visiting there again.

My dad goes home tomorrow, which is a bit hard to believe.  I hope he’ll come visit me a bit more frequently now that I live in a much nicer place.  But life gets overwhelming sometimes.  It’s hard to escape it.  I understand.





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